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PM laughs off french fry, mayonnaise attack
The New Daily
His country is known for its French fry prowess, so its only fair that Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel should be covered in the delicious fried snack. At least, that's the thinking of the four anti-austerity activists who covered Mr Michel with ...

​Amy Adams Crushes Her Saturday Night Live Hosting Duties With Big Laughs!
What an awesome note to end the year on! Amy Adams hosted Saturday Night Live again for the first time in six years, and she was amazing! Of course, it helped that One Direction popped in here and there! LOLz! [ Related: ​One Direction Are Ready To Run ...

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Movie review: Gags in 'Museum' sequel should be worn, not spoken
Press Herald
There's a mildly amusing Pompeii gag midway through “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.” It involves a scale model toy Roman soldier Steve Coogan and his Old West cowboy pal (Owen Wilson) and a monkey in need of extinguishing a model ...
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Ukip GAGS members on social media in a bid to avoid any more scandals
Ukip members have been urged to steer clear of using social media folllowing a series of scandals over inappropriate comments. Party chairman Steve Crowther said his approach to social media was “just don't” as Ukip updated its rules aimed at ...

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Dapper Laughs, The Real Housewives, Benefit Street: 2014, the year in TV
The Guardian
Perhaps this is how Dapper Laughs – whose schtick boils down to saying “fanny” at confused passers-by – came to have his own, ill-fated series. It's a strong contender for car crash of the year, but was pipped to the post, IMO, by Party House. If you ...


15 Classic 'Simpsons' Gags That Haven't Aged a Day
It would be almost impossible to put all of the show's funniest jokes in one list (there are hundreds), and every fan you'd ask would come back with different answers. Here are 15 classic gags that are among the most hilarious, some of which were ...

The Onion 10 greatest gags about Google
Network World
The Onion's 10 greatest gags about Google. Paul McNamara By Paul McNamara, Network World | Dec 17, 2014 10:11 AM PT. “America's Finest News Source,” better known as The Onion, has been poking fun at Google for more than a decade. Here are 10 of ...

Watch 13 of the best The Simpsons couch gags ever to celebrate the animated ...
Homer and Marge have been admittedly well-preserved considering they've aged 25 years since they last had a touch up, but now 25-year-old Maggie, 33-year-old Bart and 35-year-old Lisa are trapped in the body of children. Week after week for two and a ...

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Top 10 best 'modern' Christmas gags revealed
ITV News
Quips about Game of Thrones, sly digs at the government coalition, and jibes at U2's free album giveaway are among the top modern Christmas cracker jokes, according to a new survey. But it was a crack about Jason Orange's departure from Take That ...
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Discovery's 'Billy Bob's Gags to Riches' ... Ranch Hand Pulls Gun on Wannabe ...
The star of Discovery's "Billy Bob's Gags to Riches" -- a redneck version of "Shark Tank" -- apparently had a tough decision to make ... humor an inventor he thought was a stalker, or let his ranch hand go down in flames -- and guess which he chose?
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BILLY BOB'S GAGS TO RICHES: Is a Three-Barrel Shotgun the Next Big Thing ...
Fans of Discovery Channel's new hit series, BILLY BOB'S GAGS TO RICHES are interested in the show for various reasons. Some want to see who is behind the creation of Billy Bob Teeth, a seemingly simple yet genius invention that makes person after ...


From “The Atone Phone” to “Esteban Colberto”: Colbert's nine best recurring gags
On Dec. 18 the world will lay “The Colbert Report” to rest, and with it, a number of beloved recurring segments, from show mainstays like “Better Know a District” to rare gems like “Monkey on the Lam.” Let us reflect: Esteban Colberto. Saying farewell ...